DNScrypt and OpenWRT

After a couple hours of toiling around to figure out how to run multiple instances of dnscrypt-proxy, I've got a nice clean initscript based on OpenWRT's newer procd initscript framework. I've posted up the initscript along with some examples and basic instruction in case anyone else can benefit from it.

[Done] Planned Downtime - RAM Upgrade

My last two sticks of RAM are coming in today, so site will be down for about two hours while I run a Memtest86 pass to make sure everything's working okay.
It took closer to three hours, but all of it checks out fine and my server is (obviously) back up! My big hardware upgrades are pretty much done now.

[DONE] Planned Downtime - CPU Upgrades

Downtime will last around an hour or so while I upgrade my CPUs. Will probably happen in about two hours (after I'm done with dinner).
Upgrade completed without issues, pair of E5430s -> pair of X5460s.

SSL Changes

In the effort to Reset the Net, I've thoroughly hardened my SSL stack. My implementation now scores an A+, 100/95/100/100 (formerly a sad B-) on the Qualys SSL Test.
To use SSL on my site, your browser must support at least TLS 1.0 and 256-bit Ciphers.
This should not affect much of anyone, since if you're still using IE on Windows XP, you probably don't care much about SSL or security anyway.


Working on getting dual-stack to play nicely with my home network and its DMZ. There will probably be some random downtime in the near future as I work out all the kinks.
Project Scrapped. Comcast only hands out one /64 subnet right now, so my DMZ VLAN will remain v4 until they give us something more sane, like /60

New Server!

After some minor downtime, I've retired my old Proliant DL380 G3 and have most things set up on my new DL380 G5.
All forward-facing services should be back up, and things should run as smoothly (if not smoother) than they did before!

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