Stable at Last?

After some issues with the M1015 dropping out with the 9240 firmware, flashing it back to the latest IBM firmware seemed to do the trick. Hopefully there won't be any major downtime in the foreseeable future. ZFS should be more stable than before, since I did have some issues with EXT4 living on top of an antique HW RAID card.


Been about two weeks of unplanned downtime, since apparently my server doesn't like 9211-8i cards, nor any SAS2008 controller flashed with their firmware.
It actually boots off a M1015 flashed as a 9240-8i. However, I've discovered one of my drives has died as well. New one's on the way, and there will be a bit of downtime in the near future as I migrate to ZFS. Current install is just a single drive re-copy to my working drive.

Planned Downtime - Storage Controller Upgrade

Since my SA P800 can't handle 4TB drives, I've bought a couple better LSI cards that can handle them and support passthrough as well.
Probably will have a couple hours of downtime while I migrate all my data to ZFS and make sure everything's working properly. Will likely happen near the end of this week / beginning of next week.

8/10 Edit: The 9201-16e for my external drives is working flawlessly, but the one I got for my internal drives didn't work so well. Should have a shiny new 9211-8i coming in sometime this week to finish the move up.

Character Page / Gallery Rework

Things might be screwy for a bit while I figure out the best way to add my new character to the site, but keeping all the art and ref pages for my old one. For now, I've just created a second Plogger gallery. Will actually start working on a half-decent character page for hellhound Null tomorrow.

uWSGI and CAPTCHAs and Cloud Storage, Oh my!

After tinkering around with various things all night, I've moved all of my PHP webapps, as well as my main site over to uWSGI. Not only is it way faster than PHP-FPM, it also provides a lot more control in terms of security and resource management.
I've also ditched ReCaptcha in favor of something more open, and less involved with government spying programs. Securimage was almost a direct, drop-in replacement and only required a few minor changes. I've also improved my contact form so that it auto-fills previously submitted information upon error or invalid captcha. This replaces the kludgey "just go back" message I had before, which actually wouldn't even work on SSL due to how browsers handle SSL forms and history.
And after all of this, I still never accomplished the one thing I was going to do tonight: Try to install OwnCloud to see if its performance is acceptable on my new server. As much as I'd like to do that, I need some sleep before I deal with the PHP-error hell that you run into when first setting up an application in uWSGI (until you determine which PHP files need to be forward facing).

DNScrypt and OpenWRT

After a couple hours of toiling around to figure out how to run multiple instances of dnscrypt-proxy, I've got a nice clean initscript based on OpenWRT's newer procd initscript framework. I've posted up the initscript along with some examples and basic instruction in case anyone else can benefit from it.

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