Character Reference

Character Art
Art by Ink

General Info

  • Name: Null
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 22
  • Build: Toned, but a Little Chubby
  • Leg Type: Plantigrade
  • Height: 190.5cm
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Species: Hellhound (Wolf)


  • Primary Fur: #404040 ██
  • Secondary Fur: #291F35 ██
  • Tertiary Fur: #A71538 ██
  • Primary Hair: #000000 ██
  • Secondary Hair #A71538 ██
  • Skin Colour: #582A9B ██
  • Primary Eye: #000000 ██
  • Secondary Eye: #6D32CF ██
  • Teeth/Claws/Cabling Port Colour: #AAA4B8 ██ + Shiny / Metalic
  • Fluid Lighting Colour #6D32CF ██

Primary References

Personality / Style Details

  • Clothing: Typically wears black jeans without a shirt or shoes. Favours boxers and jockstraps in terms of underwear. Outfit may vary based on scene / occasion.
  • Hair: Varies based on mood and season, but typically keeps it short — shoulder length or shorter.
  • Personality: INTJ personality type — doesn't like dealing with people and often acts bitter, cynical, or pessimistic. Has a dark, gruesome sense of humour, and will bite when agitated.

NSFW Details

Text Description

  • Fur Patterns: In general, just a cybernetic wolf with a toned body shape. Black hair with charcoal grey fur and a dark purple belly (this band of fur continues between his legs and onto his tail as well as the lower half of his face). It spirals around his tail in one continuous band with a zig-zag pattern.
  • Fur Patterns: His arms and legs are riddled with scars of unknown origin and he singed the tips of his ears and tail to match. The fur still grows in these places, but has become discoloured due to severe tissue damage.
  • Piercings: Left ear has an industrial piercing, both ears have gauge piercings that connect to data ports behind his ears.
  • Cybernetics: Outfitted with high speed data piping to support his electronic physiology: Two loops from his ears to the back of his head, and a long coil around each arm terminating in data shackles on each of his wrists. He usually (but not always) has two additional loops — one behind each ear, for persistent data storage. Fluid in this tubing glows a florescent purple.
  • Cybernetics: Data ports along his back for attaching various accessories to his body. Close up (open port) + has screw threads along the inner edge of port. When closed, they're covered by a solid metallic cover that parts in the centre. For exact locations on body, see ref sheet or above art.
  • Eyes: His eyes are solid black with glowing purple pupils (since they tie in with the same technology as his data tubes).