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As you may have noticed, everything is very much out of date and/or broken here due to lack of motivation and other obligations. Going to rebuild my server pretty soon and I plan to redo most of this in Django so I don't have to maintain this PHP trainwreck I have going here.

New Domain + Let's Encrypt

Being the furry trashlord that I am, I've picked up the domain "" so my site will now be accessible on both "" and "". In order to support this, I've switched to Let's Encrypt for my SSL certificate, which shouldn't affect the user-side of things, but shoot me an email if you're getting SSL trust errors (cause ain't nobody got time or money to pay for a multi-domain cert, when LE's open source and gives you one for free).
A somewhat more major change is disallowing HTTP access to my site, I've gone HTTPS/SSL only - all http:// links will automatically redirect to https://. This shouldn't be a problem because my SSL support is pretty robust - the only people that would have problems (according to Qualys' SSL test) would be people using IE on Windows XP. But honestly in this day and age, dropping support for a dead browser on a dead OS to make my site more robust is a pretty valid tradeoff.

New Server + ZFS Problems Fixed

Got a shiny new PowerEdge C2100 with a lot of bells and whistles for pretty cheap, so I've migrated my site off of my Proliant DL380G5. If anything site might be a little snappier, but I feel like the bottleneck is still Comcast's pitiful 12Mbps upload speed.
Ended up getting some more storage to juggle and downgrade my ZFS pools since I was getting kernel hangs and panics like crazy after running 'zpool upgrade' on them last time. My bug report's milestone is a long way off, so looks like I'm not upgrading my pools again anytime soon, haha. Hopefully should be more stable and reliable than before.

[DONE] Database Migration

Some time in the very near future I'm migrating everything from MySQL to PostgreSQL.
I'm sick of my database crashing after periods of power outages and hogging up nearly 15GB of RAM for a couple reasonably small databases and backends for a couple webapps. I've ported Plogger to PDO (which allows me to use PGSQL), so I just need to figure out how I'm going to actually move all my data and we're golden, as the rest of my code all uses PDO and generic, ANSI-SQL complient queries. Downtime should be expected at some point, but it shouldn't take incredibly long as I'll be doing and testing all the migration on a different virtual server.
Update 09/08: Plogger is now completely ported to my PDO fork, running against Postgres. All that's left is my news script which I'll handle later.
Update 09/14: I've completed the move to Postgres, hooray!

Character Ref Cleanup

Further cleaned up my character reference pages, especially the minimal one to make them as clear as possible. The full one still needs quite a bit of work, but I'm not that guy that links artists to a wall of text for a reference anyway.

Massive Code Cleanup

Some of the really gross crap I've been doing in my code has been cleaned up (as I've now been enlightened after a quarter of web-programming).
Externally most things are the same, but internally it's a hell of a lot nicer. Shoot me an email if you notice any bugs.
The only exception for the time being are my news entries because I really don't feel like hacking around in the SQL backend right now.

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